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Ethiopia Bookkisa Washed


Mandarin, wafer cookie, lychee & watermelon

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About Ethiopia Bookkisa Washed

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Light Roast

Story Of The Bean:

We have been working with Ture Waji since the very beginning of Sookoo. In fact, David, who does the majority of our Ethiopian sourcing, purchased coffee from Ture for a number of years, prior to the establishment of Sookoo. In those days Ture was managing farms/production in Guji, southern Ethiopia, a part of Ethiopia that Ture knows as well as anyone (and better than most). This is, of course, where Ture gets his nickname, "The King of Guji." The land, the people, the coffees... Ture knows them all better than anyone we have ever met.

Even though Osito has been buying from Ture since day one of Sookoo (we were quite literally his first client, receiving Sookoo sales contract number one), we have never bought a washed coffee from Ture. This is because since Sookoo's inception, all production has been focused on Natural coffees. Until this year. This first washed lot from Ture is very special and very clearly representative of Guji terroir.

How It's Made:

Varietal: Gibirinna 74110
Processing: Washed
Producer: Ture Waji
Taste: mandarin, wafer cookie, lychee and watermelon

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