Single Origin / Light Roast

Ethiopia Bashasha


Citrus, Stone Fruit, Wafer Cookie, Berries

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About Ethiopia Bashasha

Roast Level:

Light Roast

Story Of The Bean:

We're thrilled to bring you this stellar offering from the JImma zone in Ethiopia.

This coffee is produced by Biya Farris, a farmer who is a part of the same collective as the producer of our Ethiopia last year. Our importing partners have deep roots in this area and with them we are excited to introduce yet another coffee from this region.

The coffees are grown at a stunning 2200 meters and yield stunning, clean flavors of Welch's grape, red berries and jam.

How It's Made:

Varietal: JARC 74110 & 741140
Altitude: 2200
Processing: Natural
Taste: Welch's Grape Juice, Red Fruit, Jammy and Citrus

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