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Colombia El Mirador


Notes of Honey, Clove, Peach Rings & White Wine

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About Colombia El Mirador

The estate Finca El Mirador is owned by Jose Jadir Losada and Kyle Bellinger of Osito Coffee Importers and is located in the village of Picuma where Jose grew up. Since Jose and Kyle have taken ownership of this farm it has doubled in size to 20 hectares and offers wages to their pickers far above the national average

Roast Level:

Light Roast
Light Roast

Blend Notes:

Expect a very clean cup, honey sweetness with spicy notes like clove

Blend Ingredients:

Varietal: Pink and Yellow Bourbon, Tabi
Altitude: 1450-1600 meters    
Processing: Washed
Taste: Honey, Peach Rings, White Wine and Clove

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