It was the first cup I ever drank that captured my imagination. My grandmother invited me (Brandon) over for a visit. What followed was a coffee ceremony. I quickly learned that coffee was not merely a beverage to consume, but a ritual to enjoy. What happened around coffee mattered as much as the coffee itself.
Eighteen years ago, when Nicole and I were married, we adopted this ritual. However, it was wildly transformed when we were given a home coffee roaster. Prior to this, neither of us had given much thought to where coffee came from. But, roasting on our own machine sent us on a quest to learn as much about coffee as we could. What followed was a class to Boot Coffee Camp in California, participation in our industry’s annual expos, an origin trip to Colombia and Nicole’s certification as a Q-grader.
We began to see our love for coffee and the ritual around it come together, when the following Christmas we shared our fresh roasted beans as gifts under the brand “Wells Roast.” We were having such a good time and wanted people in our town to taste better coffee. We launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 and thanks to its success, Wells Coffee Company was born. With the funds raised through the Kickstarter and the support of dear friends, we bought our first commercial roaster, linked up with a newly opened cafe in Boca Raton, hired our first full time team member, and began sharing the coffees we love with the neighborhood. In 2016, we acquired our own space in downtown Fort Lauderdale to expand our operation. Most recently, we opened our brick and mortar to the public where we are able to spread our passion to see more and more people (as we like to say) Drink Deeply.

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