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Honduras Cabañas


caramel, milk chocolate, pecan, & red apple

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About Honduras Cabañas

Caramel, milk chocolate, pecan & red apple

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Med Light Roast

Story Of The Bean:

From the importer, Copan Trade:

"Embark on a journey through the lush Cabañas community, where the passion for coffee cultivation took root around the year 2000. Witnessing the success in neighboring areas, residents began planting the renowned Pacas and Typica varieties. However, a formidable challenge arose in 2011 with an unexpected and potent Roya infection that nearly decimated the coffee plants. Undeterred, local producers joined forces with the coffee institute to revive their farms. Opting for resilient varieties like Lempira, they abandoned Typica and Pacas. The resilience paid off, and the Lempira variety emerged triumphant, dominating the landscape. In 2012, the Proyecto Cabañas unfolded with a humble beginning involving three dedicated producers. A pulping machine was installed, and three raised beds graced a rented plot of land. Over the years, the project flourished, boasting an upgraded wet-mill and drying station complemented by expansive raised beds. Today, a collective of around 40 producers, mostly small-scale farmers working alongside their families, contributes to the success and growth of the project. Join us in savoring the rich history and dedication embedded in each cup of our Cabanas Honduras green coffee."

How It's Made:

Varietal: Catimor / Catuai 
Producer: Proyecto Cabañas    
Processing: Washed
Taste: caramel, milk chocolate, pecan, & red apple

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