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Colombia La Esmeralda Pink Bourbon


Sugar cane, raspberry, cacao nib & mango

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About Colombia La Esmeralda Pink Bourbon

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Roast Level:

Light Roast

Story Of The Bean:

From Cofinet:

"This coffee was grown by Cesar Buesaquillo at the farm La Esmeralda. This coffee is harvested following strict ripeness criteria,
floated and hand-sorted to remove any defects. Cherries were then exposed to 30 hours of underwater fermentation before being pulped. The parchment was then gently washed and then dried in temperature controlled conditions until ideal moisture content was achieved. This micro-lot is 100% Pink Bourbon. This varietal is currently under research in order to determine its origin. It is said that it is a mutation that took place at 2100 m.a.s.l in San Adolfo, Huila."

How It's Made:

Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Producer: Cesar Buesaquillo
Taste: sugar cane, raspberry, cacao nib & mango

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