Costa Rica La Pastora
Costa Rica La Pastora

Costa Rica La Pastora

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Varietal: Catuai
Altitude: 1800-2000 meters    
Processing: White Honey
Taste: Stone fruit, toffee and jasmine

We're thrilled to bring you this relationship coffee for the very first time ever. Some time ago, I reached out to the farmer's daughter about buying her dad's coffee. Back in 2016, we bought one bag of coffee La Pastora upon the recommendation of a friend. We loved everything about it!

Two years ago, Marinella, wrote me to say that she and her then boyfriend (now husband), Perry, were starting their own coffee exportation company. Knowing that this would give us easier access to coffees from Carlos and present the opportunity for an ongoing relationship with the farm, we were eager to get started.

This year we were fortunate enough to finally move forward on purchasing  lots from La Pastora. This farm, in particular, is without a doubt Carlos’ most prestigious and sought after lot year after year. Situated at the peak of a famous mountain in Tarrazu named La Pastora, this plantation boasts extremely high altitudes of at least 1900 masl. The micro-climate is quite ideal; the soil is fertile, the air is crisp and cool, plenty of rain, perfect amount of sunlight hitting the crescent-shaped lot, and the altitude which allows long and late maturation of the cherries. Carlos nurtures this plantation like his baby. To get to it, he needs to drive over 30 minutes up the steep mountainous, dirt roads. He fertilizes the trees of La Pastora meticulously and uses various practices to prevent any sort of disease or plague. We believe that because of the unique position of the plantation and the extreme care that Carlos gives it, this lot produces some of the best coffee Costa Rica has to offer harvest after harvest. A little known fact: Carlos’ family pooled together and bought this lot when it was simply grazing land for cattle. Later, La Pastora was used to be Carlos’ apple farm. A majority of his families income came from the apples produced at La Pastora. He grew a variety called Ana and his young family would take the apples to local farmers markets in order to make their income. When the apples struggled to survive one harvest due to a root eating worm, Carlos decided to try and plant coffee there in 2010 as he noticed other farmers beginning to plant coffee trees at this high of an altitude for the first time.

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