Single Origin / Light Roast

Ethiopia Gomma


Raspberry, Watermelon & Clean

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About Ethiopia Gomma

Roast Level:

Light Roast

Story Of The Bean:

Mensur Aba Hika’s Farm is just over 18 hectares at 2000 mASL, the main harvest happen from October to December and the harvest is done exclusively through selective hand-picking. This lot has been processed as natural on raised beds for a period of 15 to 24 days depending on the weather condition. Most coffees from Ethiopia comes from a specific Cooperative, wherein many small farm holders from that region/cooperative deliver their cherries to get processed.This particular coffee comes from a single farm, produced by Mensur Aba Hika. This means that the coffee is farmed and processed by him. A single farm offering from Ethiopia is rare, and very exciting.

How It's Made:

Varietal: Heirloom
Altitude: 2000 Meters
Processing: Natural
Taste: Raspberry, Watermelon & Clean

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